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Superbowl 2010 Ads

Monday, February 8th, 2010 | Sports with 3 Comments

okay peeps, what was your favorite? what was your worst? Did you even watch last night? The half time show was a bore. The Who, they keep bringing in the older crowd after that wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson. I hear they want to book The Eagles next year. Now that group I could get behind listening to.

Anywhoo, some of my favorites were in no particular order except to say that of course Budweiser was my absolute favorite with the Clydesdale’s. The entire set of commercials can be found here.

TruTV Polamalu commercial. I thought this was fricken awesome.

Coca-Cola commercial. This one beat the Simpsons one hands down. I hate the Simpsons.

Vizio commercial The groundhog was cute.

And now the best commercial of them all is Budweiser commercial.

You know there was also a Snickers one I liked with Betty White but it doesn’t seem to be listed. Odd.

Football Bingo?

Friday, December 11th, 2009 | Sports with 1 Comment

Okay, who watched the game last night between the Steelers and Browns? What in the world right? I mean I think this is going to hurt the Steelers chance at even a wildcard now but what should I care anyways considering the Eagles are taking names and doing it right. We play the Giants Sunday night and I can only hope we can pull it out to get to the top of our division and make it further in the post season than we have been doing previously. I mean don’t get me wrong Andy Reid has been doing a fantastic job and getting us into the post season and he recently just got a contract extension which I know will help the team.

Now I also like playing the pots during the big games in that we have something looks like a bingo card with all sorts of possible points and during the end of each quarter we see what the score is and match it on the sheet. If our name is in it we win the pot for that quarter.

Imagine if you could play bingo for real like that. There are a couple of boxes that I might change though but I like the overall concept. Imagine playing online bingo with all your friends who cannot be with you during the big games. I can only imagine some of the comments after even one game with that. Right now we just have our weekly picks online since most everybody is spread around the country so this would not be any more different. Could have a card for each quarter.

Anybody having a good fantasy football season this year? I’m almost dead last as usual. I can never get a good draw. Eli has been giving me troubles and I keep benching his sorry behind and using Schaub. I wounder how that would be turned into bingo. Something to think about. But I must leave you now with something note worthy.


Piggy Flu

Monday, September 21st, 2009 | Health, Sports with Comments Off on Piggy Flu

Yep, that’s what I’m calling it. We had 2 more kiddos come in with bugs today but they tested negative for influenza even though they looked closer to death from a kids version of it lol Later that day though we had word that one of the nurses was tested positive for swine flu so she’s out for the week. Apparently she got sick last Friday but thankfully we did not have clinic that day and had no contact with her. We are still waiting for our supply of the flu shot which is irking tons of people but they are passing them out to the smaller practices first and then the hospitals.

I still need to get more people in our football pool around here. Just wish the people who say they want to play actually play then it would be great cuz we could potentially have at least 10+ people verses the 3-5 that normally play every week which is variable.

Fantasy Football Begins

Friday, August 28th, 2009 | Sports with Comments Off on Fantasy Football Begins

nfl-logoThe official season for football starts in less than 13 days from now and I, personally, cannot wait. I have yet to come across any of my boyfriends being a bigger football fan than me but I do have a ton of friends that have the same fanatic tastes that I do. We each have our own teams and will go to the mat for them arguing tooth and nail. Most of the comments so far preseason to me have been that we now have a felon on our team. Hey, we needed a quarterback and Andy knows what he is doing. Gotta believe. Shame Burress plead guilty and took a deal because we sure as heck could have used him this season. Stupidity begets stupidity I guess because he might have shot himself in the other leg given half that chance next time.

There is a new fantasy football site called WaiverWire that is now up and running. It was initially developed by former Wall Street guys. That being said they have put analyzing stats to the test in this. I have been a member to quite a few fantasy leagues and some have come close to the degree of what they are offering but not quite. I won’t mention what the mans team is but let me just say that team is a sworn enemy of mine. He should be worried though about his team and how they might not do well this season. Yep, I went there and I’m sure I will hear some flack from it too but I am calling them as I sees them and he definitely will need the analytical pros and cons from WaiverWire to set him straight. They might also help him choose the better team each week so he will win more pots. One could only hope right? If he needs to debate it even further, there is a forum to discuss with other members. Either way, WaiverWire is offering a free stimulus package that is normally $19.99 for this season that will get you the basic information like any other fantasy league pretty much. The Season Pass is only $9.99, normally $49.99 with more detailed access to the players, and the Full Season Pass is $29.99, normally $99.99 which is the best deal of all if you ask me and includes player projections and draft tools. You do get a risk free trial with this subscription. Better hurry though as this is just for the 2009 season.



Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 | Health, Sports with Comments Off on Ironman

I was watching ESPN not too long ago and they had an Ironman event on for women. What I found interesting was how many of the women did that for a purpose whether it was to raise money for a family member or friend to essentially a promise to themselves in that they could actually do it. With that in mind, I am not sure I would ever be in the shape that I would need to be do to one of those. I can barely keep a bicycle upright if it is not stationary, not to mention I can’t swim! 😯 That alone would take some sort of feat to accomplish.

Should you have the determination to enter into an Ironman you are in luck as the Ironman 70.3 Branson on September 19, 2009 will be the inaugural race to qualify for the 2010 Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Clearwater, Florida. Considering this is a worldwide race there could be people from all over the world and even some of the popular athletes that you may want to get autographs from. Personally, I’d like to see some football, tennis, and hockey players try this.

When I am not watching the Ironman qualifying round I could go for a walk along the river and lake, tour the museum and maybe even take in a show in any of the 49 live entertainment theaters. Of course I’d also be saving some money by staying at the Hilton Branson Convention Center with a couple of friends. We would make it a great vacation and have as spa day too. I have never been to one but I’m sure I would love it especially with the massages. Probably need a chiropractor verses massage but either one at this point could not hurt me anymore than my back already does. We could book a 2 night stay and get the 3rd night on the hotel as one of their specials which is going on right now. So who is up for a weekend away? I still have about 100 hours to burn before the years up so I won’t lose any of it.


Who’s Ready for some Football?

Monday, August 3rd, 2009 | Sports with 2 Comments

I have my philly schedule already loaded up on my blackberry calendar so I will be sure to catch any game I can and if not watch it online. Last I read we still hadn’t officially signed Maclin and we need him bad.

I read today that Burress was finally indicted on shooting himself in the leg and they want him to have 3 1/2 years in jail. Not sure when that will start or if there is going to be another trial but he will have to serve for sure at least 2 years of it and the NFL still hasn’t figured out what to do with him either as far as I know.

Favre says that he will stay retired but with Jackson rehabbing a knee for the Vikings…I dunno. Will be interesting.