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Looky Here!

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 | Sports with 1 Comment

Got my lovely packages in the other day. I can carry my laptop to Starbucks now in my Philadelphia Eagles laptop bag with handles! My current one doesn’t have any handles so I was having to put it in my backpack. I don’t need to carry my backpack now with this as I can put the mouse and plug in the case too. It is a somewhat tight fit but it’ll work. I couldn’t find another one bigger. I usually go to Starbucks now to do my homework to get out of my place where I more likely than not to watch TV instead of doing my homework.

I also got this baby while it was on clearance on the Philadelphia Eagles Store site. I always carry around a light jacket with me because I get cold so easily and in restaurants they always have the air on pretty low. This way I can represent my team no matter where I go now 🙂 It is a zip up hoodie so I can cover my head when I need to as well. I love the distressed look of it too. I think I need to find another one now in solid green. I’m slowly but surely gaining Eagles stuff now. I also have 2 jerseys to wear during the season when I go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch games.

I still don’t know if there will be a football season this year. The talks don’t look like they are going anywhere and everybody is suing the NFL owners because of it including the retired folks and the rookies to be. Honestly, I think the owners are being a bit greedy. If they want to expand the season they need to play the players accordingly because the rookies aren’t going to be playing those games the seasoned players are as it is regular season games.

Sports are Dangerous

Monday, October 4th, 2010 | Sports with Comments Off on Sports are Dangerous

It was like a free for all this past weekend in the NFL. Watching the games actually made me more mad than anything. The injuries alone are enough to tick off quite a few people actually if you think about it.

Eagles vs Redskins: McNabb got an ovation and then was booed. Well, okay, its not like he hasn’t been booed before but dang. He wasn’t the one who asked to get traded. He got the Eagles to 5 NFC championships and a superbowl spot. Sure he didn’t win them a ring but damn that’s pretty good for 10 years.

Vick goes down after he gets sandwiched between two guys and ends up with rib cartilage injury. McCoy actually got a broken rib but still played. He HAD to have been hurting.

Then they were doing stories that Garcia might come back. He’s in the UFL now if you weren’t keeping track. He said in the story no he’s not. Guess he couldn’t find a NFL team to take him as first string. Come on back, a few more QBs got the sack. I’m sure they could use you.

Giants vs Bears: I mean this game just was bad. The Giants took out 2 quarterbacks and Cutler finally got taken out after being sacked, what 9-10 times? He even had a concussion and was still playing. And was it Jacobs or Bradshaw that effed up a TD because he saw himself on the big screen and had to look?

A few players were suspended, a few more are coming back from suspension and a coach fined for flipping the bird. Geezussss peoples.

What are the Eagles Doing?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 | Sports with Comments Off on What are the Eagles Doing?

Last night I hear that Vick will now become the starter for the Eagles. All well and good since I don’t think Kolb can cut it but it should have never come down to it to begin with. As in they should have kept McNabb. But that’s my opinion obviously. And seriously Philly, why do a front cover like this? I mean he’s done his time and is trying to make better choices in his life now.

Sure Vick’s 3 years younger and technically he hasn’t been on the field as much due to the jail stent but he’s kept in shape. He’s learned, probably from McNabb, to stay in the pocket more instead of running all over the field. Lord we don’t need no damn Tebow on the team. Aside from that I think McNabb and Vick have similar ways of doing things even though ones a lefty and ones a righty.

Beyond the fact that McNabb got traded why trade him to a team in our same division no less? I seriously think Washington will make it to the divisionals this year because they have him now. Sure he hasn’t won us a superbowl and that’s what most people only care about but he did get us to many divisionals and won them so why stab him in the back?

Oh and I read also today that Hank Baskett was let go again. Well okay, he was traded last season but still. The poor fella can’t catch a break. I don’t even remember seeing him on the field of the first 2 games, games of which I only got to see when other games were done because I don’t have the NFL network 😡 Where is he going to go now?

LeSean McCoy is doing a damn good job replacing Westbrook though. Hopefully Westbrook does well in SF :uhh:

2010 NFL Team by Team

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 | Sports with Comments Off on 2010 NFL Team by Team

Taken from The Onion. If you have no idea what The Onion is you need to check it out. It’s a complete newspaper on nothing but satire lol

The entire NFL League Team by Team Guide is at,18023/

Now this is what they had to say about my beloved Eagles:

Philadelphia Eagles

* Strength: Though they have lost Donovan McNabb’s rocket arm, they have gained a highly accurate short-range subsonic cruise missile of an arm in Kevin Kolb
* Weakness: With the loss of Brian Westbrook, the Eagles have a major hole at starting knee injury and concussion
* Player To Watch: Michael Vick’s athleticism as he walks up and down the sideline, sits down on a bench, and jumps up whenever he thinks his name is called but realizes the coaches are talking to another Michael, is something to marvel at
* Biggest Question: When will Philadelphia fans finally use their car-battery catapult?

Okay, pretty funny. The most hilarious one though?

Buffalo Bills

* Strength: Buffalo is well-known for its friendly locals, its world-famous wings, and its proximity to beautiful Niagara Falls
* Weakness: Once again pretty much centers around the entire roster
* Player To Watch: Starting quarterback Trent Edwards. Wait, him again? God, these guys are so fucked
* Intangibles: The AFC East is, perhaps, the league’s most talented division, making it the most respectable division to finish last in

T minus 15 Days

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 | Sports with 1 Comment

And football will start. That is to say NFL football will start. I think I might be over doing it in the fantasy football leagues though as if I am counting right I am registered for 4 now? Most of those are usually on auto cruise anyway unless there is a bye week. My prediction is that the Eagles will not make it this year to the division title without McNabb.

What about college football you say? College football is just practice football and arena football is pretend practice football. I’m sure there are loads of people I just offended from that but hey, that’s how I feel. I just can’t figure out why college ball does not have the same rules as the NFL when they are just going to be moving up into that role anyways. The only reason I watched college ball last year was when I was at the gym and they were playing a Florida game when Tebow was QB. It just dumbfounded me on why he was in that position because he’s not a QB in my opinion. He belongs in the RB position. So then I took it on a personal mission to watch those games so I could see him get trampled by the oncoming tacklers and always rooted for the other team no matter who it was. Now I can just not watch it anymore unless you people can tell me of another wannabe QB that doesn’t belong in that position.

Sadly enough I have yet to make it to an actual NFL game though. Had the chance once but had a tragedy with one of my pets and I was in no mood to go to the superbowl. I know, I know I missed my shot at watching my beloved Eagles. I am thinking about getting some tickets this year for something close by and using a StubHub coupon code will help me shave off some of the high prices for better seats. I don’t care to be in the nosebleed section. I’ve had enough of those to last me when going to concerts which StubHub could also help me get as well. So remember Stubhub for your entertainment ticket purchases.

Stripped of a Gold

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 | Sports with 2 Comments

Can you imagine? Did you guys see it? I’d be way pissed off too if I were this skater. Imagine knowing you were going to win gold, you moved to the outer lane like you were supposed to and your coach tells you get to the inner lane and he does not thinking fast enough and blows every chance he ever had in that race. I don’t think there is anything anybody can say to make him feel better. He had it. He had gold had he not gone to the inner lane. Sure he will most likely be able to come back to the next winter Olympics but that’s not the point. He could have a gold NOW. Should the coach be fired? He, of all people, should of known which lane he needed to be in. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I really feel horrible for Kramer and for the Netherlands.