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Did You Get a Ring?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 | Other with 1 Comment

I did not but, then again, I also am not seeing anyone. A lot of folks like to propose on Valentine’s Day because it is such a special day for love but that does not stop me from looking at diamond rings because, really, who does not like diamonds that come in either a ring or a necklace? One thing I’m not really sure about is why they prefer the white gold verses the yellow gold to hold the diamonds. However, I did find a diamond ring setting that I thought looked excellent. I love having the diamonds inlayed in the band itself and have a couple of rings like that now. I wonder how many women actually have an idea of the engagement ring they would like and I also wonder how many men try to find this out before just buying something they we might now like. Anybody have that happen?

I Love my Furbabies

Sunday, February 11th, 2007 | Animals, Other, Personal with 4 Comments

Having animals around is a requirement for me. I have always had an animal of some sort growing up and have a few buried in the backyard where I grew up at. Most of the time animals can stay pretty healthy if you keep up with their yearly shots and have a vet check them out when warranted. Other times, animals get very sick and you end up with alot of vet bills that you thought you were not expecting. It could be a car accident, another animal attack or just some sort of freak accident like jumping out of the back of a truck bed. My cat a few years back ended up in renal failure. I essentially did dialysis on her everyday by giving her a bolus of fluids underneath her skin so she would absorb it and then pea it out to keep her kidneys functioning. I also had to keep bringing her into the vets to get her blood work checked every few weeks or if she just didn’t seem like she was doing well to me to get her fluids adjusted and any other medications she might need. Luckily I work at a hospital and was able to get the necessary items for free and/or at a severly discounted price because I would run through a box of fluids in a little over a month. But for the people who don’t have that connection or the outright money should invest in pet insurance. This would be especially useful for larger animals like horses. It works in almost the same way as our insurance does and if you know you have an especially troublesome breed that is prone to certain disorders this would be even more beneficial. The insurance even covers trailers.

Working At Home

Friday, December 15th, 2006 | Other with 1 Comment

I work at home for my part-time job and I must say if I could do this full time and get paid what I want I’d probably do it. It’s so refreshing to just wake up from your bed, walk into the next room in your jammies and start working. I do this all the time on the weekend. Work at home business opportunities are plenty. You just have to do a little searching on the internet because it’s almost always an internet job that you would be able to find to do at home. You are able to have flexible hours when you work at home and save gas from not having to go to an actual building.

PayPerPost Referrals

Sunday, November 12th, 2006 | Other with 3 Comments

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