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Sunday, March 26th, 2017 | General with Comments Off on Ugh

Well, my hosting server was transferred yesterday. It always seems my main site always takes the hit when this happens. Got the database error corrected but now the theme is jacked up but it’s the same exact code as my other site and that one isn’t jacked up like this one. Will have to fix it laters because I’m actually in a place now to start updating with lots more pictures of the place and the new kitteh along with Snowflake.


Sunday, October 11th, 2015 | Animals, General with Comments Off on Whiffs

That cat window perch is a nuisance and a POS. I nailed a portion of it to my desk and just tossed crap underneath it after taking of the pathetic legs to rest against the wall off because it is only held on the window sill by tape. Anyways, it’s sturdy, the windows open a crack and Snowflake is enjoying it immensely. When I pull into the driveway now I see her up there looking down on things. She had her surgery on the 2nd and healed very nicely even though she kept licking at the two stitches on the outside. She’s got a little bump from all the licking but it will go down. Her ringworm has cleared up nicely as well and all her furs back on her paw. No more chin acne. She’s the picture of good health now. That was a rough month or so but all is well. She still only weighs just over 4 lbs. I think she might be almost full grown now too so she’s on the small side compared to my last cat who was about 7 lbs. Buying heartworm medicine for her is hard as the minimum weight requirement is 5 lbs so I have to half one of those to give to her.

I still have a World Literature final and some systems analysis homework to finish by midnight tonight. Enjoy your Sunday folks.


Monday, August 24th, 2015 | General with Comments Off on Apprehensive

IMG_20150823_151505_hdr If you look realllly close Stormy is a little apprehensive at Snowflake laying with her. I think she’s expecting the bities or the bunny kicks with the bities. It’s funny and exhausting at the same time because the kitten has so much energy and the Beagle is 8 years old and doesn’t really care for being the bouncy toy.

I am still treating Snowflake for the ringworm and kitten acne. The spot on her tummy looks to be almost healed as it was a very minor spot to begin with. Right now she is in one of the shelves of my desk playing with all the papers which I can only assume will be shooting out from the shelf soon. She seems to get her stride around 10:30 to 11:00 PM and goes cray cray tearing through the place like a bat outta hell.

Bunny Kicks

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 | Animals, General with Comments Off on Bunny Kicks

IMG_20150727_212116 The Beagle has finally stopped slobbering all over the kitteh. Snowflake now does bunny kicks with Stormy’s tail but when she starts biting it, that’s enough for her. I’ve also found out Snowflake is a little hoarder. She will nab her toys, the dogs toys, my hair ties and tuck them nicely away underneath the recliner that I use to dump things on. I’ve also found a pile of tissues in there. She even likes to grab my dish towel when I have it in my hand and run off with it. That also goes to the hoarding pile if I don’t grab her first, else I have to fish it out. She has so much energy it’s wild. She was getting up at 4 AM but now it’s around 5 AM. In about 2 weeks I go to nights so we’ll see how they both adjust to that schedule. I haven’t been on nights in almost 20 years and honestly I can’t wait to get back to them.

I’m thinking of buying a window sill seat for her for the downstairs because it’s almost to the ground so she can see but not sure about it because then I’d have to leave the blinds up for her to see and everybody can then see in my place. I don’t really care for that.

I also had to get Snowflake weighed to see if she could get flea/heartworm treatment. I figured she was maybe a pound and a half but nope, 2 lbs 14 oz. Still feels really light lol

I’m Still Alive

Sunday, July 19th, 2015 | General with Comments Off on I’m Still Alive

It’s been a loooonnngg time over here on the blog. I finally took summer classes off this summer and have been doing a bunch of nothing. It’s weird and nice at the same time. I still took the kids to kidney camp like I’ve been doing for years and fun was had by all but the ticks this year were bad! I walked around with tweezers there were that many and everybody knew I had them which was a good thing.

I got a new job earlier this year and love it. Learning all sorts of new things and I get to go back to nights which I love.

I had to put Pepper down in January due to multiple issues which culminated into neurological issues to the point where she couldn’t keep her hind legs up anymore. She was 16 years old.

I have since acquired a new addition to the furbaby family this weekend. Meet Snowflake.


The Beagle is having a conniption fit because she wants to play with her so badly and Snowflake isn’t having any of it quite yet. I had her first tucked away in my office but she was meowing a lot so now I have the upstairs stairwell baby gated so the Beagle cant get in there until all is well them. Snowflake ventures downstairs every now and then but heads back upstairs when the Beagle spies her and starts heading towards her. She then goes and hides underneath by bed. Seems like it’s a good spot.

Long Time No Posty

Friday, December 26th, 2014 | General with Comments Off on Long Time No Posty

Yep, it’s one heck of a long time. School pretty much killed me this semester. It was a definite shock the difference between Trident and CSU. First and foremost was the lack of structure at CSU compared to Trident. I was going ballistic without it. There was luckily only one class that actually showed what was due, when it was due, and what was needed to complete it which was the English class which was only half of the semester. I had to endure the trials of none of that on 2 full semester classes and a professor on one of them who ended up stop answering my emails which pissed me off and I ended up dropping that class because there was no help. Sure I will have to take it again and with the same professor but I’m going to wait a few semesters before I attempt that again to save my sanity.

I was surprised that I get things shipped to me from each class that is required. Last semester I ended up with a new router and some other networking tools all of which I had. This semester I am taking Geology as one of my classes and received a box of rocks. Kid you not. Should be fun I think.

Anyways, hope you guys had a good Christmas a have a good New Years as well.

In case any of my follows need a laptop, I am also selling one that was used for maybe 6 months tops. This listing is here if you are in need of one. It is a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6086 for $350.00.