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You know every summer we have our kidney camp, Camp Okawehna. I send usually about 5 of our kids with a nurse or an appropriate adult to fly with them to Tennessee for a week and literally camp out the old style way with wall tents [1], sleeping bags on run of mill cots and then the lovely water bug and tick issue. They have tons of activities though and I can’t wait to do a few of them including the water slides, somewhat like bungee jumping but you’re just hanging around on the cords.

I tell you though, the kids have a blast and this year I was going to go but my boss got it that he wanted a man to go because there are few male counselors and we have a male nurse in the clinic but unfortunately he could not go. We had gotten a new female nurse in and when she heard about it she pretty much flipped over going and I’m like good lord go then. Next year I’m going no questions about it because I’m the one who does the paperwork and pays for everything anyways from the donations I get from drug companies or private donations.

It is funny too because some of the kids parents I ask every year if they want to go and they are like no they have never been away from home. I think sometimes the parents are the ones who have separation anxiety lol I know 2 of the parents are like give me the paperwork now for next year because they ship them off to every single camp they can. After talking with one of the parents last week to change an appointment because this one child was actually going to Victory Junction Camp, which is the Nascar camp in North Carolina, I mentioned our camp in Tennessee and she’s like well if you go then I’ll let him go. I guess sometimes they will let go.