Camp – Part IV

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img00027Well, nature had an impact while at camp in Tennessee as well. These are one of the lunar moths that were frequent visitors at night but unfortunately this big guy did not make it. These guys are even bigger than your hand and I probably should have put my hand in the picture to give you some definition of the size but they are beautiful things. Another big of nature I could have done without were the ticks and spiders. I ended up getting bit by both and neither one of them was enjoyable. Ticks even more so considering you’d find them buried in places you really didn’t want them in to begin with while showering. One tick even tried to hitch a ride on one of the kids and then try to escape on the connection flight in Atlanta. It was one heck of a week but I’ll definitely be going back with a bigger suitcase for like 3 cans of bug spray and other things I could have used like my boots. Then I’ll need room in them to take things back like this time I brought back some football helmet book ends. Now I just need to paint them to look exactly like the Eagles helmet and display them proudly.

Pic to be uploaded as soon as I get home. 😛

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