Camp Okawehna 2013 – Star Wars Edition

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IMG-20130613-00079 To say I excited about this years theme was an understatement. I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Star Wars. The original IV through VI. I wasn’t too crazy about the rest of them and they seemed to get worse as they made more of them. Let’s hope Disney can make better ones.

Anywho, it was more a mash of space and Star Wars when they got the decorations up for the prom on Thursday night and you will be able to see those at the end as there are so many. It was a week long as usual. Saturday through Friday. Upon waking on Sunday I had this massive bruise on my right knee. From what? I have no clue. I came home with more bruises and uninvited passengers in my suitcase than I wanted. At least none attached themselves to me this year. One of the campers had 3 ticks.

This is how the week usually goes:

Saturday night equals Chic-fil-A and a bonfire with s’mores at the pool.
Sunday is color competition games and the band/bingo at night.
Monday is color competition games, circusteem (circus act comes to perform), Home Depot crafts, and the carnival at night.
Tuesday is color competition and the luau followed by the Pinewood Derby car competition.
Wednesday is color competition, girls pick their prom dresses which get altered and they get to take them home, and talent show (each brother/sister cabin put on a skit) at night as well as the interns who come help put a skit on by themselves.
Thursday is color competition and prom/bingo at night.
Friday we get the heck out of there!

There is free time everyday anywhere from 3-5 hours for the kids to do whatever they want. Pool, archery, crafts, basketball, anything.

The hilights for me this year was a water fight with a couple of the campers. They were nailing myself and a couple girls with these aqua balls (essentially sponges made for the water). We kept tossing them back and forth as we got a hold of some. This happened on Sunday. By Monday and bingo time the kids were winning more of the aqua balls so I borrowed ALL of them from the kids who won as well as this water gun thing. The plan was to flank the kids and bomb them. We did successfully until one of them tried to take the water gun away and then it was on. More scrapes and bruises ensued but a good time was had by all and I even came out with a tan 🙂

The 9-year-old girl I brought slept in the bunk above me. These are metal rickety bunks. I found out she is NOT a sound sleeper. I don’t think she wakes up but she moves around like there ain’t no tomorrow. It finally got to the point that on Thursday night I got out of my bunk around 3 AM and stood up and just watched her because I wanted to know what the heck was going on lol

I also had to track down some shoes and light sabers (which every camper received during prom that actually glowed!) on Friday before I left due to the Houston group having to leave at 6 AM. One of their girls let another girl borrow a pair of her shoes and she couldn’t remember when she took them off at during the prom because they were too big for her feet. You know how this goes. Everybody goes shoe swapping. Anywho, I went and hunted them down and shipped them and her light sabers to her house when I got back because she didn’t have any more room in her luggage to at least take the light sabers.

A couple years ago we had a teepee made of flip flops. I can’t remember what it was last year but this year they converted it into a NASA space capsule with the game inside so the campers could fly and land the space shuttle. Picture are below.

The Pinewood Derby was started by the founder of Camp Okawehna and it is and will always be a part of camp every year. Below is a picture of this years flag and the track that is used.

During the prom, a couple of the interns and some of the people who run the camp dressed up as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, a storm trooper, and Skywalker. My duty that night was watching a couple of teenagers like a hawk since they were getting a little too chummy and went MIA a few nights prior.

Now for the picture bombing.


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