Camp O 2014 Edition

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Another year goes by and it’s time for camp again. These would be our accommodations for the week. Out in the sticks people. The new manager of the camp grounds didn’t even do any trimming of the saplings or anything. I wish I had had my shears and I’d have at least made a better path to my cabin and from my cabin to the facilities. The intern we had this year thoug did clean the inside of the cabin. Nobody else has ever done that before. I guesss she really couldn’t stand the bugs and cobwebs lol

image This year’s theme was Cruise as in cruise ships and the proms decorations reflected it which can be seen at the bottom. I kept asking people when was I going to be escorted to the Lido deck but nobody could oblige lol The cake this year was MASSIVE. Never have I seen a cake at camp this big.

I know there had to have been 3/4’s off it left. I asked the next morning if one of the counselors had eaten it all and he laughed and said no and didn’t I want to take some with me on the flight home with the kids I brought to which I started laughing saying no way! Clearly thinking back now it might have been a good idea because our flight was delayed well over 3 hours and they were crashed out on the floor of the terminal as I was doing homework. Yep, I brought homework with me to do as I tried to do as much of the weeks worth I could before I left and got most of it done. I ended up writing code in the terminal.

This year’s camp session started off with one of the kids getting ill the first night and ended up going to the hospital. Then the next day one of the kids was beyond homesick due to some deaths in the family previously in the year and she went home too. Honestly, I thought after bingo on the second night she’d want to stay but it was not to be. Maybe next year we’ll try it again.

It rained e v e r y single day. The mud, oh my gawd. The cold too! Next year’s plans are to look at the weather way more closely and bring galoshes and jeans. My sneakers got trashed because of the mud but that’s okay because I really needed to buy a new pair anyways and did so now those have been relegated to grass mowing replacing the other pair I was using for it.

A couple of the kids thought it was a bright idea to poke a snake that came in the vicinity of our walking path to the cabins. Nipped that in the bud as soon as I saw it. Once we were gone the snake left too. Not sure what kind it was either.

There was a bet between some of the kids this year just like last year whether the girls or boys would win. The same child did the same bet as last year and he lost then and now. The result was that he wear make up put on by the girls and go about camp. Truly funny. I even got a snapshot of it but obviously can’t post pictures of the kids here. The girls paraded him around camp so everybody could see him and then let him take it off.

We also had one of the hemo nurses in our cabin. She got up around 4ish. The screen door screeched like no tomorrow as she was in/out many times before heading up to the hemo unit and then it would bang against the door itself which pushed it to swing open. We also had one of the kids bags bust around the zipper. The other counselor in the cabin asked if she could borrow some WD-40 and duct tape. You should’ve seen the look she got lol either way, the screen door was quiet as a mouse opening/closing except when it hit the door and banged and we got the kids bag all duct taped up. I asked many times before I did it if she needed anything because she wasn’t going to get anything out of it until she got home lol we taped it up the very last day when they were leaving.

I kept the dogs home this week as well since Pepper is still alive, deaf and partially blind. She is also in kidney failure and needs regular fluids and special diet. I had a friend arranged to take care of her but that turned into a huge fiasco and will tell you about that in another post.

Overall, camp went well even with all the rain and mud because the pool was still open for the kids even though the water was freezing. I was laying on the cement beside the pool, fell asleep, and then ended up covered in ants on my legs. Not cool.

ADDENDUM: Forgot to mention that Keenan Butler also came out one day for a couple of the color competition games at camp. The kids got a kick out of that and lots of pictures were taken and some even asked for autographs even though they had nothing for him to sign lol





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