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Being Late

Okay so we have some physicians coming in from out of town to help with clinic potentially every week but not always so. But why is it one of them is always late. They stay over on in town on Mondays and he still cannot get to clinic on time Tuesday morning. I know the patient’s get annoyed but I can’t help that short of going to make sure he’s up and will be on time every time he comes. I’m already a babysitter for some of the kids we see in there, I don’t need to go after another one too.

And if you missed it last night, Mikster [1] was generously giving away 5000 credits to the most surfed person #8 last night, on Blogmad, midnight his time and Stnkbll won, congrats :icon_party:

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#1 Comment By Undercover Angel On 03/20/2007 @ 11:38 AM

I hate it when people are late. I’m always early for everything and I have no patience. Jake is a notoriously late person – so I have to tell him we need to be places about an hour before we really do.

Darn! I wish I had of known about Miksters contest… congratulations to Stnkbll though! That was very generous of Mikster!!

#2 Comment By mike On 03/20/2007 @ 12:07 PM

Well….you know them docs….give ’em a place to stay and porn….and they just stay up too late.



StnkBll was a real trooper…I think she stayed awake almost until the end…lol

#3 Comment By Allison On 03/23/2007 @ 9:27 PM

Thanks for the congrats! Actually, I really didn’t have to stay up real late – all my competition went to bed early! 😀