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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bottega Verde. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love aloe plain and simple. It is the first thing I go for after hitting the beach or pool because I like my skin soft and smooth. I even bathe with soap and shower gel that has aloe or shea in it with the fragrance of vanilla or a pleasant flower smell because I like them. I also buy lip balm that has aloe in it. My lips get so chapped, cracked and split to the point where I will start chewing on them if they are not covered with anything. I literally have like 10-15 lip balms floating around my place, car, and office. I even have a couple in my bookbag that I carry with me to and from work with my school books in it so I can study. Recently I have been snubbed by this one company who does not make my brand of soap anymore so I am on the hunt for another brand now that will do just as good as that one had for around 5-6 years.

Bottega Verde has all natural soaps including one that contains shea butter. I most likely will give it a try. They are pretty much the same price I was paying for my other soaps too. Right now Bottega Verde has an Italian Beauty Package samples as a trial. You just have to pay for shipping which is $4.99. It contains foot mint deodorant cream, cherry blossom body wash, and musk rose face mask cream. I may have to try some of the cherry blossom body wash too. I take the body wash with me when I go to the gym for my shower after wards. I have a hard time trying to convince myself I can wait to take a shower when I get home when I am soaking and stinking up my cloth car seats with all of my sweat.

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