Be Kind to Animals Week

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-1I was reading our local newspaper online this morning like I normally do every morning these days and found out that our local SPCA had a cat give-away this past weekend. Apparently every spring they end up getting inundated with kittens because some people do not get their animals spayed and neutered. This cat give-away weekend just meant that any cat over 12 months was given away free to approved applicants in lieu of the $95 fee that is usually assessed to each animal which entails their spaying/neutering and shots that they may need. It was so successful apparently that they went to their neighboring SPCA’s to help fill up some spots that people came down to adopt. It also helped some of the dogs who also got adopted and some kittens for people who were willing to pay that fee. The bad thing though is that the director said that they will be filled back up to capacity again in a few weeks. I am still not ready to get another cat as I still have 2 dogs but I know I will be getting my next cat from the SPCA or where ever the opportunity may arise from in that they need a home. This was a brilliant start to Be Kind to Animals Week if you ask me.

Right now the Home Again Web Site is donating $1 to for every pet registered to their program during May 3-9, 2009 which is the week of Be Kind to Animals. Bring Pets Home is a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. HomeAgain is a pet recovery and identification system which includes over 20,000 veterinarians and animal shelters. What happens is that your pet will get a microchip implanted beneath the skin surface between the shoulder blades. With this if your pet gets lost, stolen or runs away they can be found so long as the vet or shelter check the animal for one. I am very careful about my pets so I have not done this yet but it is only a matter of time really that I should get it done to be sure they get returned to me because recently Peppers silver name tag with address and phone number fell off of her collar. It sort of just wore away and broke since she has had this same one since she was just a puppy and she is 10 now. Boy how time flies. She is still just as spry as when she was a puppy I think considering she is just as hyper and playful.


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