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IMG_20150823_151505_hdr If you look realllly close Stormy is a little apprehensive at Snowflake laying with her. I think she’s expecting the bities or the bunny kicks with the bities. It’s funny and exhausting at the same time because the kitten has so much energy and the Beagle is 8 years old and doesn’t really care for being the bouncy toy.

I am still treating Snowflake for the ringworm and kitten acne. The spot on her tummy looks to be almost healed as it was a very minor spot to begin with. Right now she is in one of the shelves of my desk playing with all the papers which I can only assume will be shooting out from the shelf soon. She seems to get her stride around 10:30 to 11:00 PM and goes cray cray tearing through the place like a bat outta hell.

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