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And the Result

[1] Talk about your hillbilly jobs. I had to clean out the washer to use it as there was dust and dirt in there as well as everything else because apparently these people don’t clean after themselves. There are so many holes between the plywood you have NO idea. Then the turds did not turn the water back on to my washer which I found out when I tried to use it. Well, no wonder water was flying everywhere. I got the hot water to completely stop dripping but the cold water kept going. Figured I’d do laundry and fix that one after I’m done since it wasn’t dripping on the floor as it was coming from the spigot itself and where the washer water gets dumped anyway from the hose.

After 2 loads though the floor was completely drenched in water and I was like WTF? I thought they must have gotten a hole in the hose somewhere when they were moving all that shit around. Of course I wasn’t going to stop the laundry because I needed clothes for this week and it was outside on cement. I ran through the entire hose, no leaks. Odd. Where’s it coming from then? I checked all the connections, the cold water line is dripping from the back of the washer too. Must really be going to town when it fills. I bought some Teflon tape to wrap around the threads. Cut the cold water completely off after I was done yesterday and letting it dry to fix tonight. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna have to call someone in then I guess.

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#1 Comment By Small Town Mommy On 02/13/2012 @ 9:47 AM

I had to get a new washer installed and when they installed it, they pushed to output hose too far down the drain. I couldn’t get the thing to work and couldn’t figure out why. A guy came to fix it and it took all of 30 seconds. It was under warranty so I felt bad that the guy had to travel all the way to the Small Town just to pull up the hose.

#2 Comment By Lynne On 02/18/2012 @ 9:53 PM

I’d be calling the “professional” back out that disconnected everything! Obviously they didn’t do something right or maybe even damaged your washer (hope not!). That’s so frustrating trying to clean up someone else’s mess. Sorry you’re having to go through that.

#3 Comment By Blueyes™ On 02/18/2012 @ 11:39 PM

I went and bought some Teflon tape and wrapped the spigot threads, let it sit for a couple days and we’re back in business. No leakage what so ever today after a load of laundry. I had a fan running for like 3 days to dry out all the water and then swept because there was still dry wall everywhere.

#4 Comment By Hilary On 02/22/2012 @ 12:29 PM

poor you… I feel your pain