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As I sit here surfing the net, I’m noticing that I’m having to strain to read the screen more and more each day. I guess it’s time for me to have another eye exam and get a stronger prescription and it hasn’t even been a year yet since my last exam. I’m also actually somewhat tired and normally I don’t go to bed until around midnight. Must’ve had a rough day I guess or I’m just plain getting old :/

Why must things deteriorate as we get older. Being older means were supposedly more wiser about the happenings around us and more knowledgable about the science to help keep us alive and well.

It’s always entertaining to watch children at play. They are completely oblivious about the future and revel in the happenings of now because, it is after all the most important times they can think of at that time.

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    DS // August 6th, 2005 at 6:09 PM

    I’m just plain getting old :/

    Yeah.. that’s it… lol