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I’ve been torturing myself lately by looking on the ASPCA websites locally for my next pet which is an all white cat. I had an all black cat and she died a few years ago and I wasn’t ready for another yet but I am now. The only pet I have ever bought was my cat at one of those pathetic pet stores that were at the mall. It was my cat and another which my mother bought that remained and they were both ill which is probably why we got them because we could see it. I prefer to adopt a pet because no animal should be a throwaway which is how I view most of them. I saved one of my dogs from being in a garage sale and the other one was from a storm drain.

Every now and then I’ll find a larger database of animals to look through to torture myself even more because I have a personal 2 pet rule in my place and will not get another one until one passes but who can help not wanting another pet after seeing some of the photos? – Adopt a cat! is another large database that you can search through with just the zip code. I like that and there actually was a white cat close by me that I had no idea about because it is not at the SPCA. It is at a Pethelpers site. Instead of buying pets from puppy mills try Petango to adopt one.


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    Twitter: rickybarbie
    // October 18th, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    I could spend hours on pet adoption sites. In fact, I’m sure I have! Thanks for spreading the word about animal adoption!

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    technopalace // November 16th, 2009 at 11:07 AM

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