A Better Tuesday

05/01/2007 @ 12:23 PM | Health, Personal with Comments Off on A Better Tuesday | Print This Post

Well I did not run into anything last night while letting the dogs out the first time and when she wanted out the second time I told her to go back to bed because I wasn’t getting up. I just can’t get why she wants out to pee when during the day she holds it.

We have a camp we send the kids to every year that we pay for in Tennessee and one of the nurses usually takes them every year but she got a promotion this year and she’s been hemming and hawing about whether she is going to take them or not so I just asked one of the other nurses I know and she’s like ya. She just needs to make sure she can take the time off and it looks good so far. I just can’t understand if you know you are not going to be able to do it why not say so so we can find someone else, the tickets are already $400+ and by the time we actually buy them it’s going to be outragious. It just irks me because these kids look forward to it every year.

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