5 Creative Uses for Glass Bottles

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Plain, unbranded glass bottles are so elegant and versatile that they can be used to create many other things. Save your mason jars and check your house for empty perfume bottles, because this article is going to explore a few creative ways glass bottles can be used in your house, at your events, and in your life.

Mason Jar Chandelier
This can be done with a used iron chandelier from a garage sale. The personality of this item comes from the mason jars, which you can replace light bulb covers with, across the entire chandelier. You can make them all one color. You can leave them all clear and just subtly decorate with yarn or paint. Or you can tint the glass different colors and create the effect of colored light from each jar.

Glass Guestbooks
Event planners will often put out a guestbook for party attendants to scribble a quick letter to the hosts and then sign their names. This can be done at weddings, baby showers, and other milestone celebrations. The creative hosts of one wedding had an interesting alternative: using a large, glass wine bottle as a guestbook. They planned to open the bottle on their one-year anniversary, rereading the notes before opening.

content_marketing_opi_photo605704-16-2013 There are many ways to turn a simple glass jar into a unique addition to a room’s style. You can fill a glass bottle with the very tiny lights used during the Christmas holiday season, turning the bottle into an elegant, solitary light bulb. You can use glass bottles that have a color tint to them and make the light filter through that color. This is clearly an application best suited for the crafter with a variety of bottles to choose from. If you don’t have enough lying around, www.ebottles.com sells glass bottles where even blue and amber-tinted glass bottles are options.

Glass Bottles as Labels
This is great for keeping track of your fresh herbs and spices. Paint mason jars and other empty glass bottles with numbers. One jar may have a “1” painted on the front and the next a “2” and so on. You can attach a number to whatever items you put in your jars and create a key written on an index card to easily identify what’s inside. Just make a new key when you fill the jars with new ingredients. This is how I started growing my herbs before dedicating a much larger planter for them to grow in.

Glass Bottle Place Cards
Glass bottles can be custom name cards at tables for weddings, dinner parties, and other events. For example, for a very feminine friend, pick a tiny empty perfume bottle, and use hot glue to write the friend’s initial over the front of it. When it dries, spray paint the entire glass bottle pink and place it atop a white placemat to indicate where she will be sitting. The letter will be textured. It will be fun explaining to each guest how the name cards reflect their personalities. The more kinds and shapes and styles of different glass bottles available to you, the more fun it will be. Not only are the glass bottles place cards, but they are also your gift bags for the guests to take home.

ebottles.com has glass bottles for sale if you cannot find any unused mason jars or glass bottles around your grandmothers house, because let’s face it, as the younger generation we never held on to things like this unless you are doing some canning. If you happen to be doing some jams, get in touch me, I’ll gladly test almost any flavor you can come up with (blackberry is my favorite fyi).

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