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So, I have finally figured out what to do on Fridays now since I am not working them for the rest of the year. Go see movies of course. This week I watched 2012 and of course everybody already knows the premise of this in that that is the earth is coming to an end kind of thing that people have been predicting forever and a day. I like watching John Cusack as I think he is a good actor and this did not disappoint either. I found Woody Harrelson’s character a nut job though. When he finally bit the dust though he got funny.

Next week I am going to watch the new Twilight movie. I know, I know, a teeny bog movie, why the hail would you watch that? One of my friends kept telling me I needed to read those books and I was out of books to read so I read them. All 4 of them. At first it was kind of slow but by the time I got to the second book I was hooked and read books 3 and 4 in one weekend. I’m a bit miffed that there were only 4 of them though. I mean Harry Potter at least had 7. Whatever at least a movie is coming out so I can watch it.

If you haven’t seen a trailer yet for the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, look for it. That looks to be a good movie net year with Nicholas Cage. I may have mentioned it earlier and stated the wrong title. My bad 🙂

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