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2010 NFL Team by Team

Taken from The Onion. If you have no idea what The Onion is you need to check it out. It’s a complete newspaper on nothing but satire lol

The entire NFL League Team by Team Guide is at http://www.theonion.com/articles/onion-sports-2010-nfl-teambyteam-guide,18023/ [1]

Now this is what they had to say about my beloved Eagles:

Philadelphia Eagles

* Strength: Though they have lost Donovan McNabb’s rocket arm, they have gained a highly accurate short-range subsonic cruise missile of an arm in Kevin Kolb
* Weakness: With the loss of Brian Westbrook, the Eagles have a major hole at starting knee injury and concussion
* Player To Watch: Michael Vick’s athleticism as he walks up and down the sideline, sits down on a bench, and jumps up whenever he thinks his name is called but realizes the coaches are talking to another Michael, is something to marvel at
* Biggest Question: When will Philadelphia fans finally use their car-battery catapult?

Okay, pretty funny. The most hilarious one though?

Buffalo Bills

* Strength: Buffalo is well-known for its friendly locals, its world-famous wings, and its proximity to beautiful Niagara Falls
* Weakness: Once again pretty much centers around the entire roster
* Player To Watch: Starting quarterback Trent Edwards. Wait, him again? God, these guys are so fucked
* Intangibles: The AFC East is, perhaps, the league’s most talented division, making it the most respectable division to finish last in