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Reality TV

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 | Sports with 2 Comments

most assuredly can bite you in the ass and hopefully we will get that chance soon with VH1 getting ready to do a reality show on T.O. from the Dallas Cowboys. If all goes well and they start filming this summer we might get a shot of him getting canned from the Cowboys which I’ll bet will happen.

You got to be careful what you wish for sometimes in these things.

A Week Late But…

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | Sports with Comments Off on A Week Late But…

eagle Check that out lol Granted we all know what happened in the game but I thought this was fricken hilarious when one of my friends sent it to me last night. I had to blow it up but normally it is a 125 x 125 size I’d guess.

Effin Cold

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 | Personal, Sports with 3 Comments

So we had snow flurries yesterday. Ya, you heard me right, I’m in the south and we had fricken snow flurries. Granted it lasted only about 10 minutes but that is besides the point. I mean it is not supposed to make it all the way down here. Today is just as cold if not colder than yesterday but no snow flurries reported to be seen that we can expect. I was getting pictures and texts from all sorts of people around the state about the snow.

Eagles lost this past weekend, I mean really, really?? They got beat by the Cardinals? Really?? At least the Steelers won and I think they will beat the Cardinals. Someone has to now. I gotta say though Fox had some good graphics with the cardinal and an eagle going head to head before they kept going back to the game.

It’s Been a Week

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 | Personal with 3 Comments

Okay, no part-time job for about a week now. I literally have not figured out what to do with myself. I actually went through and looked at if I really needed to get another one considering I was only getting about $300.00/month from that one and came to the conclusion that I was just tossing the money away on crap so I don’t need it. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all my time because I get bored and stir crazy pretty darn fast with nothing to occupy my time. I’m sure if this happened over the summer it wouldn’t be an issue because I’d be hitting the beach all the time or keeping my yard neat and tidy but good lord during the winter there is nothing to fricken do. I guess I could go start bowling again and see how my back holds up. I’m reading books out the wazoo now too. I mean, I was a fast reader before but now with all this extra time I’m reading even more. Footballs almost over with so I won’t have that vice anymore either. Aaack… 😕

Rough Times

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 | Personal with 2 Comments

Man talk about your hits. It seems that I no longer have a part time job now either. Time to be looking for something else me thinks although at least it was at an easier time with me due to taxes coming in so I can figure out if I really need to get another one now. In reality I was using the money frivolously now that I think about it because it was only $300.00/month if that due to the slowness. At first I was paying for my college and then I assumed I needed it for my car but now I’m really wondering. I think maybe it was a cushion for me as I don’t really have a savings which I need to get with the program too. Some financial planning is going to be had soon.

I Love Toys

Monday, January 5th, 2009 | General with Comments Off on I Love Toys

Working in pediatrics at the hospital, I get to play with all sorts of toys and have managed to get some free toys mailed to me too without even asking for them. I got some mini Etch-A-Sketches, bouncing balls, and a few others I can’t recall the names of but can picture them all miniature size of course. I even have a pack of crayons in my desk with some coloring pages if I get really bored which does not come all to often. Every now and then I’ll hit up the playroom in the hospital to play with all the cool toys they have over there including a magnet building set. Oh ya, we go all out in the playroom. It is mainly for the kids who are admitted to the hospital and is free from having anything done to the children so they know its a great play area and once they have been admitted once and know about it, any subsequent times they immediately ask when the playroom is open so they can go play if they are feeling well enough. Sometimes they even get to take the toys out sort of like a library and take them back to their rooms to play. The magnet building sets remind me of the Lego’s when I was growing up but better. You can make these stay put a lot easier and have even more funky shapes because they bend in weird ways. It lets the kids imaginations just run wild and being in the hospital for something serious they need that extra help to make a getaway. So, whatever they might build could be the place they were wishing they were at at that particular time or some take it really serious and want to make something structural but the best part is asking them to build something and see where they take it.