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Earthquakes Aren’t Just for the West Coast

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 | Nature, Personal with Comments Off on Earthquakes Aren’t Just for the West Coast

People always move around the country trying to find the least subjective to the natural elements in which they might have issues with. West coast is known for its earthquakes. The Gulf and South are known for their hurricanes. The North is known for the snowstorms and then you have the middle section which is known for tornadoes. You have to realize though that you can get any of these natural disasters in multiple places. Just this morning after I had already left for work we had a 3.6 magnitude quake. What people don’t realize is we have a pretty major fault line running down this state and it just so happens is is only a few miles from where I live. I think the last one we had that was just as strong if not a tad stronger was maybe 2 years ago? I was sitting at home during that one as it was on a weekend and it sounded like a transformer blew right outside my window but the odd thing is there are no transformers around here since we have underground electric lol Then the house started to shake and all of a sudden it was over with but not fast enough to freak the dogs out lol