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Breaking Things

Monday, December 15th, 2008 | General with Comments Off on Breaking Things

Okay, fess up, how many of you actually have broken things at work and claimed no allegiance to it just like when you were a kid? There recently was a thread in one of the forums I frequent asking this same question and whether she should be held accountable to the price for fixing said item or not whether it was an accident or not as well. Now I actually broke our mini fridge we have in our office when I was trying to defrost it the fast way with a screwdriver. I went out and bought another one that is sitting there right now and if my boss doesn’t want it when we all finally leave that suckers going home with me. I’m sure there have been other things broken around here that I can’t quite remember but then again we actually have maintenance people to help out with that. Like when my boss smashes into the wall with his wheelchair every now and then. It’s not his fault. There is only so much space allotted around here and hallway space is very minimal to say the least. I’m actually surprised they haven’t come measure it before. So needless to say the painters have to come fix up the walls every now and then as well as whoever does the sheet rock because sometimes there are holes in there too from the sharp edges of his chair.