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Lines Everywhere

Monday, December 8th, 2008 | Health, Personal with Comments Off on Lines Everywhere

Infusion_therapyNo matter where I look on my body, I see some sort of lines, whether it be wrinkles on my face, lines on my neck, or pronounced lines on my hands from all the hand washing down at the hospital. Whatever happened to staying that youthful appearance forever? It never happened which is the problem unfortunately. We can’t all have that baby smooth skin forever and some of us cannot afford plastic surgery which I would never consider anyways. The other options could include shots of Botox but are you kidding me? No thanks. Remember what happened to Jessica Simpson’s lips from that stuff.

I was recently afforded the unique opportunity to test out Dermalastyl which is a concentrated skin rejuvenation formula in a pleasantly fragrant cream. I apply a small dab on the areas I want to improve and so far it has been leaving my skin smooth and silky. It is almost like putting lotion on but you don’t have to use so much. A little bit goes a long way which is nice considering I only got a sample jar (hint, hint). The idea of this cream is help supplement the elastin levels in your skin which produces the wrinkles and sagginess that we are all to familiar with. I see it most pronounced in my neck and underneath my chin. Dermalastyl contains Tropoelastin which is the special ingredient that has been tested but not on animals to help smooth our skin out without using needles to do it. So all you needle phobia people, here’s you shot at less wrinkles.