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When Things Go Wrong

Sunday, December 7th, 2008 | Personal with Comments Off on When Things Go Wrong

You ever wonder why when one thing goes wrong everything starts to spiral down hill? I do and then I wonder how long that spiraling will last and when it will go back to be just plain sucky which is the norm for me. Needless to say this will be an interesting month money wise as my part-time job has been really slow and I’m only getting half of what I usually make if I’m lucky which is causing some problems. I guess I need to log in more frequently and just sit there and wait to see if anything comes in but then I’m cutting out going to the gym which is my only vice right now because I surely don’t have any money to do anything else which puts me sitting at home so I guess I could do all that after I go to the gym which happens right after I do my regular job but it is soo freaking tiring. Why can’t tax time come in December lol