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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 | Personal with 4 Comments

Sadly, today is my last day of vacation. I thought I was out until the 1st but I just had a look at the calendar and I was sorely mistaken. Oh well, only 2 days of work this week and the weekend is here!! Then next month I get another week off for the christmas holidays!

Another Day, Another Dollar

Monday, November 27th, 2006 | Personal with 8 Comments

Or something like that….

So I’ve been off again because I’m over on hours and I’ve learned a few things. This past Saturday night I missed the beginning of a fight because I left the bar too early (1:30 AM) between exes. Then on Friday night I caught the tail end of a fight with the fireman storming off in a huff and the dude he punched out because he was in the bathroom peeing with a bloody nose.

Now apparently when you are having sex with semi coworkers (one from a bar, the other from a restaurant that happens to be the same building) and you drop off keys and point out which is the house key, they tell you they are “just walking the dog” like we believe that. Might work on some ignorant folks but not us. We are too sharp for that stuff. 😀

Sorry Bout the Downtime Folks

Saturday, November 25th, 2006 | General, Personal with 4 Comments

Dunno what happened exactly but I’m pretty sure the server needed rebooting again and someone woke up to do that 🙂 I actually did a bit of shopping today….had some chinese first, went to SuperPetz, Ross, Shoe Carnival, TJ Maxx and Walmart. Got some shoes and a Clemson jersey among some other things.


**Update: Someone outta kick that kickers ass for missing the tying game field goal to get into OT.

The Bible Thumpers Came Back Yet Again

Saturday, November 25th, 2006 | Personal with 3 Comments

This time they nailed me as I was getting into my car and let me tell you old people can still hustle it when need be. Apparently they are also nosy because they found out my name from my helpful neighbors 😕 She started her speil and I cut her off before she could get anywhere or hand me another pamplet that I would no doubt throw away and told her I was NOT interested and promptly got into my car to leave but had to sit for a few minutes because I ended up getting a phone call. I could almost surely bet that they would have been back on Saturday and Sunday as well trying to convert me. Normally I wouldn’t have been up that early anyways but the power went out here and my UPS was beeping loudly so I got up to call the electric company and then got busy taking a shower and what not to go run some errands. The power kicked in right before I walked out the door. I also think it might’ve blown my secondary hard drive because I booted up and got the lovely beeps as a hard drive failure. Probably just need to leave it unplugged for a little while, these SATA drives suck ass. This is the 4th one now and I will never EVER by another one.

So How Was your Turkey Day?

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 | General, Personal with 4 Comments

I had to work for 4 hours but got to watch the Miami game while I worked. Then I was going to get chinese for dinner but they had the nerve to be closed. They are open for christmas so I couldn’t imagine why they were closed for Thanksgiving. I ended up going to Ryan’s instead. No biggy but I was really wanting some chinese. Guess I’ll have to get some tomorrow instead. I then went to the bar to watch the second game and even though I hate Dallas I had to pick them because Tampa Bay just, well, they just suck. Now Denver needs to win tonight!!

Overall not a bad day. How ’bout yours?

Can You Believe It???

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 | Personal with 4 Comments

I can’t!! We had freaking SNOW!! I know, I know, there must be some flying pigs or hell must be freezing over as well as I couldn’t believe it either. I just had tons of rain at my place and the dogs didn’t want anything to do with it. We have a lovely noreaster off the coast churning in all this crap. Now if it was during the summer it’s be like a tropical storm. Oh why couldn’t it be during the summer?

Oh and I lost this past weeks football pool :/